About Instrument Transformers Ltd.

"Good design is Good Business"

At ITL, every project starts with a conversation. We work closely with our customers to really understand their projects, then design and build tailor-made low voltage and medium voltage transformers to their exact specifications. Our engineers are highly respected in the industry for their experience and knowledge which we are more than willing to share with our customers.


Specialists in the supply of bespoke products, we build instrument transformers to support every kind of application, no matter how technically complex. We also stock and offer a wide range of quality off-the-shelf products at competitive prices through our online e-store.


Fully customised to meet your application
Our Current and Voltage Transformers are suitable for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) applications and are custom designed to meet your exact specifications.


ITL transformers perform in the most extreme environments and will withstand arctic winters, desert heat and the humidity of the tropics.


Whether it be Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Renewables, Measurement, Protection or Control, we have a transformer solution for you.


Need a Transformer for your project
Our engineers are highly regarded within the industry for their experience and knowledge. Some of our staff are with us for more than 30 years so there is someone to guide the young, enthusiastic engineers we are taking on board. The bottom line is: we are confident we can find the solution for your project and offer a unit that will fit the desired purpose.


Over the years we have come across a lot of unique scenarios. Good examples are very limited space for the unit, installation on live systems, non-standard ratios, class F thermal class, difficult environments, or our engineers’ favourite, 2 or more of the above on the same project.
Our focus is on the customer experience if there is something we can’t help with there is a good chance we know someone who can. And will point you in that direction even if it is our competition.


Product Standards
Supporting our ever-growing customer base we manufacture to a wide range of industry standards for current and voltage transformers.
IEC is the preferred standard for the UK & the majority of international customers with regional variations ANSI/IEEE for North America and influenced markets, while AS for Australia & New Zealand is a popular choice for this region.


Whatever standard you need, just ask!


A formalised management system covering Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety is also a key benchmark, and we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 approved.


For our Russian markets, we have a range of products that are EAC approved. In addition, we have a range of products that are UL recognised.