Conflict of Minerals Statement

Established in November 1973, INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS LIMITED has been founded upon core values of service, technical competency, honesty and dedication to all customers and suppliers alike.

Throughout our company history, we have run and developed our organisation in accordance with a core desire to be the best in all aspects of our chosen business model striving to exceed all legal requirements and market expectations. To this end INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS LIMITED has drawn up and published this Company Policy Statement to advise our customers where we stand in relation to the American Legislative Requirement governing the supply of Electrical and Electronic components containing any of the following minerals; Gold, Tungsten, Tin and Tantalum (or derivatives thereof).

The Legislation seeks to show transparency as to the origin of these minerals, highlighting which are from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or surrounding regions. These materials are collectively called ‘Conflict Minerals’ and the Legislative act correctly known as the ‘Dodd-Franks Act’.

The DRC has been involved in a bloody civil war lasting many years. This area of the world is still under conflict between warring factions and many human rights abuses are perpetrated on a daily basis. The Dodd-Franks Act seeks to clarify, through tracing the origins of these particular minerals, which manufacturers may be inadvertently contributing to prolonging this war and human abuses.
INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS LIMITED as an organisation is in complete support of the Dodd-Franks act in its desire to play their part in helping to end these vile abuses. The Act itself presently only relates to companies which have shares listed with the American Securities and Exchange Commission and requires them to report the presence of the four listed minerals and their origin thereof directly to the commission on an annual basis. Although this legislation does not directly affect us, we understand that we have a role to play through managing of our own supply chain with initiatives set up to meet the requirements and desires listed above.

As an organisation, we do not knowingly procure any product that contains these minerals which have been originally sourced from the Conflict Region. To this end INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS LIMITED is working with all of its supply chain to increase transparency regarding the origin and usage of these minerals listed.

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