Busbar Fabrication Equipment


Busbar fabrication is very closely related to our own products. Therefore we are proud to be representing Novopress for the UK & Ireland since 1992. As leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for switchgear & cable working companies Novopress' systems offer efficient busbar manufacturing to our wide range customers. Innovative, dieless crimping technology, ensures the simple and transparent application of Novopress dieless crimping tools in the cable industry.

Not only offering innovative products of high quality standards, we have the capability to create specialised solutions for your applications in electrical engineering.

Dedicated Solutions

With unique technology for fully automatic spring back compensation on busbar bending processes, keeps our customers flying ahead the competition. Products like the latest BGD-5 digital bending machine, are redefining busbar processing to new levels of productivity. Novopress dieless crimping tools, are making the application of crimping terminals, easy secure and transparent. Independent of any terminals or jointing material, we are focusing on the ideal solution for the operator. Focused on applications in the electrical industry, Novopress has more than 40 years of expertise, converted into leading products with key features for the electrical industry.


SLB 125 Workstation

SLB 125, the three-in-one busbar tool, guarantees effortless cutting, bending and punching of aluminum and copper busbars. Whether in the work shop or at the construction site.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

Leaders when it comes to switchgear manufacturing. Novopress hydraulic power packs are the go-to choice for many manufacturers.

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