Hydraulic Power Packs

HA1 Hydraulic Power Pack

HA1 Hydraulic power pack is operating at a low pressure of 150 bar (2.200 psi) over a wide range of applications. This design combines the clear advantages of increased safety and long service life for the power pack and its attached punching or cutting equipment.

HA3 Hydraulic Power Pack

For heavy duty applications and continuous production, the HA 3 Power Pack is the professional choice. With a high performance drive and extended oil volume, the HA 3 is the ideal power pack for demanding busbar production and continuous cable assembly. Available with or without 24 V controls for hand operated crimping tools.

HA4 Hydraulic Heavy Duty Power Pack

The HA 4 presents our power house for very demanding busbar production. The high flow rate of 9 l/min. will reduce cutting or punching cycles by 50 %, compared to HA1 - ES or HA 3 models.

HA11 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Power Pack

Especially designed for the dieless HPH 400 crimping tool, this power pack is the ideal power source at 700 bar (10.000 psi) operating pressure. A combined safety and return valve prevents overloading of the unit and any attached tools.

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