SLB 125 Workstation

The 3 in 1 busbar tool

This long established equipment from Novopress, supplied in the United Kingdom by Instrument Transformers Limited, the unique Novopress SLB 125 three-in-one busbar tool guarantees effortless cutting, bending and punching of aluminum and copper busbars. Whether in the work shop or at the construction site - the basic unit transforms into a cutting, bending or punching machine within seconds.

Busbar fabrication from a single mould with Novopress SLB 125:

  • Precise, simple and quick
  • Especially robust and stiff frame
  • Very high quality cutting, bending and punching
  • High operating safety with the built-in safety system
  • Lightning-swift tool changes with a minimum of manipulation
  • The 150 bar low-pressure system ensures a long service life and very fast cycle times
  • Punches copper and aluminum busbars up to 13 mm thick (spare standard size die sets available on our e-shop)
  • Elongated holes up to 21 x 14 mm
  • Round holes up to 21 mm in diameter
  • Busbars bent accurately up to 120° - very accurate reproducibility of the set angle.
Novopress SLB 125

Novopress SLB 125 | Technical Specifications

  • Depth: 677mm without trolley
  • Width: 414mm without trolley
  • Height: 500mm without trolley
  • Weight: 115kg without trolley
  • Pressure: 150 bar max
  • Cutting: up to 120 x 13mm F38 max
  • Punching: 6 to 21mm Ø max oblong 21x14mm max
  • Bending: 120x13mm max
  • Force: 180kN
  • Suitable power packs: HA1-ES (part 31070) or HA3 (part 33340)

A complete set, including punching dies and power pack HA3, available at very advantageous prices. Contact us for more information.


Accessories for Novopress SLB 125

Optional step-bending tools and short leg bender for SLB 125, offer cutting edge bending possibilities and maximum productivity. For details on function and min./max. measurements, please download the instruction manual above.

Large Step Bending Tool

For copper and aluminium bus bars up to max. 120 x 10 mm. In the case of a step width of 37 mm, the max. step height is 25.5 mm with copper bus bars and 28 mm with aluminium.

Part Number 31646

Small Step Bending Tool

For aluminium bus bars up to max 120 x 10 mm and copper bus bars up to max. 80 x 8 mm. Step width: 21 mm. The step height is variable.

Part Number 31425

Supplementary Bending Tool

Shortest leg lengths 25 mm. Fast and easy attachment simple assembly. Can be retrofitted to all existing SLB's.

Part Number 31636

U-Shape Bending Tool for SLB 125

Produce small tight U-Bends quickly and simply with the new U-Bender for SLB 125. Capable of bends as small as 60mm (2.36") inside dimension.

Part Number 42430