Combined Power and Instrument Transformers

Combined Transformer

Combined Transformer is a great solution for projects with dimension restrictions. Because we focus on quality and reliability of our products our combined transformers also require minimum maintenance once installed.  

Our wide range of Power Voltage transformers from 66-400kV combining an instrument voltage transformer and power transformer having the following features:

OIP insulated outdoor products are subjected to extreme climatic conditions and hence extra care is taken in the design and manufacturing of such transformers.

The major design care of these products is therefore aimed at the following five areas:

Reliability, Hermetic Sealing, Maintenance, Handling / Installation & Safety

Main Features:

  • Dead Tank Style
  • Single coil design
  • High temperature resistant winding insulation
  • Vacuum impregnated oil-paper insulation for the coil
  • Mineral oil free of PCB
  • Stable output over the lifetime
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Stainless steel bellows for oil expansion
  • Custom abnormal pressure detector
  • Single piece porcelain bushing insulator
  • Low maintenance