We have over 40 years' experience in designing and manufacturing Current Transformers for both metering and protection applications. Every single current transformer manufactured in our East Kilbride plant is also individually tested at our factory. This way we ensure our CTs comply with British, European, and international standards. 

Our specialty is custom solutions. At the moment we have over 40,000 different designs so we are quite confident we have the right unit for you. And if we do not you can rest assured our engineers have the knowledge, experience and skills to find the perfect current transformer for your project. This flexibility is why we are well known in the industry as the "go to CT/VT guys". 

Some specifications of the ITL range: 
Inner dimensions from 10mm and couple grams (wedding ring current transformer) up to 1500mm and 900kg
Ratios ranging from 5/1A up to 30000/1A (5A and custom secondary available)
Accuracy class: Metering - 0.2s, 0.2, 0.5s, 0.5, 1, 3, 5 or Protection: PX, TPX, TPY, 5P, 10P, 5PR, 10PR
Burden: to suit application, typically up to 30VA

Metering Current Transformers

Measuring Current Transformers (CTs) are used with the measuring instruments to: 1) Isolate the instruments from the power circuits. 2) Standardise the instruments, usually at 5 amps or 1 amp.

ITL's Metering CTs

Protection Current Transformers

Protection Current Transformers are designed to measure the actual currents in power systems and to produce proportional currents in their secondary windings which are isolated from the main power circuit.

ITL's Protection CTs

Split-Core Current Transformers

Split Core Current Transformers are well suited for switchgear extentions or alterations on existing circuit.

ITL's split core CTs

If you have any questions, please contact us today on +44(0)1355236057 or on our e-mail sales@itl-uk.com

Our Current Transformers are suitable for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), or high voltage (HV) applications. With over 40 years of experience in current transformer design and manufacturing we are able to provide a solution for any project. We manufacture units suitable for indoor, outdoor, SF6/LS0H, tropical, severe tropical, air, and transformer oil environments. Over the years our engineers produced close to 41,000 unique designs and the number is still growing. Odds are, we already have the right unit for you.

In addition to our standard ring type current transformers we also offer traditionally styled plastic case CTs suitable for indoor use which implement many benchmark industry features, such as integrated terminal covers or DIN mountings. Our Plastic case metering Current Transformers are very popular if you are looking for a unit with short lead time and lower price. Great solution for high volume switchgear manufacturing.