M 7430 Plastic Case CT

Current Transformers with a ratio of Ip/5, for measurement devices such as ammeters, kilowatt hour meters and multi meters. Ratios ranging from 30/5A to 800/5A and a plastic case in accordance with Thermal Class E. Capable of using incorporated DIN rail fitting or flat fixed on a base the M7430 comes complete with sealable integrated terminal cover.

Key Features
Highest Voltage: 0.72kV
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Standard: IEC, IEEE, CAN, AS
Burden: 1 - 30VA
Accuracy Class: 0.2s - 3%
Thermal Class E Material
Integrated Terminal Cover
DIN Rail Mounting
Mounting Feet Included
Captured Terminal Screws

Measuring Plastic Case Current Transformer