Rectangular Current Transformer

Manufactured to IEC, IEEE/ANSI, CAN or AS standards.
This range of rectangular CT's is designed for applications where busbar centres are close together, thereby prohibiting the use of the standard. ’R’ range, ring type transformers. A typical application for rectangular CT’s is for current monitoring in switch fuses where space is restricted.

The rectangular measuring current transformers are available to match a range of busbar dimensions and may be supplied with terminals on the long side or short side to suit the busbar configuration

All transformers have routine test reports available electronically by defualt, alternatively they can be provided in paper format and shipped with goods.
Indoor finish can be either taped (thermal class A or B) or resin encapsulated (thermal class F)

Key Features:
Flexible Design
Secondary Terminals on short or long limb
Robust Construction

Rectangular CTs from ITL