Protection Current Transformers

Protection Current Transformers are designed to measure the actual currents in power systems and to produce proportional currents in their secondary windings which are isolated from the main power circuit. These replica currents are used as inputs to protective relays which will automatically isolate part of a power circuit In the event of an abnormal or fault condition therein, yet permit other parts of the plant to continue in operation.

If you require more information on Protection class, please refer to our guide -> PDF

Indoor Protection CTs

With insulation levels from 0.72kV up to 72.5kV, getting it right the first time is an ITL mantra. Using our skills & experience and by working closely with our global customers to fully understand the project requirements, we offer the most techno-commercially solution for your needs.

Indoor CTs

Outdoor Protection CTs

Designed for outdoor installations with primary bushing connectors or slipover style, our range of IP rated current transformers are tailor-made to each customer requirement.

Outdoor CTs

Oil Immersed CTs

Using high quality materials our range of current transformers suitable for use in hot transformer oil ensures long service life maximising return on investment.

Oil Immersed CTs

GIS Insulated CTs

AT ITL we understand that every project is different, thats is why we have developed a range of current transformers suitable for some challanging environments.

Gas Insulated CTs

Protection CTs from ITL

How to choose a protection current transformer?

It can be difficult to pick the right CT for your application (especially if you do not have technical background). 

Here are some things we will need to know before we can provide a quotation for you:

  • Ratio
    • Primary
    • Secondary
  • Burden
  • Accuracy Class
  • Type 
  • Application - indoor/outdoor
  • Limiting Dimensions - CT has to fit on a busbar or in switchgear