In partnership with Synaptec the leading developer of distributed electrical instrumentation for high-voltage industries, ITL brings to the market a array of products that radically enhances power system protection, monitoring and asset management using innovative light-speed technology easily deployed on existing infrastructure.

Offering a range of electrical and mechanical sensing solutions, and powerful analytics and decision support software, the core platforms of Multi-Zone Protection (Refase™), Synchromerger™ and Synthesis™, which together form a powerful range of full-stack instrumentation solutions..

Core FunctionalityRefase™Synchromerger™Synthesis™
Up to 50 measurements per fibreXXX
100 km rangeXXX
Compliant with IEC standardsXXX
Multi-section protection instrumentationXXX
Wide-area synchronous data and analysisXX
Data logging, visualisation, and analyticsX
Sensor Options
Strain / elongationXX
IEC 61850 / 61869XXX
Auto-reclose (AR) blockXXX
C37.118 synchrophasorsXX
Continuous point-on-wave (CPOW)XX
Real-time power quality (PQ)XX
Correlated electro-mechanical dataXX
Data visualisationX
High-quality data loggingX
Long-term trend analyticsX


Refase™ is our flagship powerful multi-zone protection instrumentation, designed to enable robust protection of complex, wide-area or distributed network assets.

ITL's MZP Solution


Synchromerger™ provides a convenient and cost-effective platform for providing high-quality data streams including IEC-61850. synchrophasors and power quality from widely distributed locations.



Synthesis™ is our comprehensive instrumentation and analytics platform, designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of distributed sensing technologies

Visual Analytics Platform

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