Thinking ahead and educating the next generation

The time is relentlessly going forward and it is necessary for any successful business to think ahead. Otherwise you can find yourself in a seriously difficult position, as many utility companies can tell (link). We certainly want to avoid the black hole of generation skill gap in the future. So we believe in giving a chance to young, talented people who are eager to show what they are capable of. It can be a perilous task sometimes, for sure. It takes a lot of time, effort, money, and in some cases, patience. In the long run however, this is the best investment any company can make for the future.

As ITL was growing through the years we experienced an increasing number of enquiries coming our way and to ensure the same level of customer service we took a young technical designer on board. Kevin is with us for more than two years now, learning from our senior designers, getting experience in the field and growing with the business.

We continue moving forward and want to grow our business which means looking for new opportunities, different approaches and possible new markets. With help of Scotgrad we found an International Marketing Graduate to help us with market research and our online presence among other things.

It is a part of business to pass the experience and knowledge onto the next generation and develop young people in ways that are beneficial for both future business and the career of the individual. We make sure we offer great opportunities in a growing company operating in always evolving industry.