ITL COVID-19 Information

Updated: 16/03/2020, 15:41

In light of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, I wanted to update you about our situation and to reassure you that we are still very much open for business.

Our response plan has been put in place to ensure we can continue to operate at a high standard while protecting our employees and customers.

Employee Safety

As a priority, we have decided to put several measures in place to protect the health of our employees, including:

  • Ensuring we have the resources to work from home.
  • We are postponing Customer & Supplier visits.
  • Immediate self-isolation for anybody feeling unwell or showing symptoms.

In these uncertain times, we have ensured our employees feel prepared and equipped to work effectively. We feel confident that we have the ability and motivation to carry out our services as necessary.

Delivery Schedules

  • Currently, delivery schedules are unaffected by COVID-19, and ITL remains fully operational.

As the situation remains, fluid ITL continues to review the case daily with input from the UK Government & Health Protection Scotland.