ITL Renews Russian Connection

ITL has renewed its connection with the Russian, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia & Kyrgyzstan markets with an updated Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer product lines that comply with the EAC requirements of TR CU 020/2011 (Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means) & TR CU 004/2011 (Safety of low-voltage equipment). About 70% of products exported to Russia / the Customs Union require mandatory EAC certification system to pass the customs clearance. The EAC is replacing the former national GOST certification in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. At the moment, there are 36 Technical Regulations in effect and 20 more will be adopted in the future.

Ministry pre-qualification was undertaken and once accepted, any goods exported to Russia / The Customs Union must be clearly marked by the EAC logo. The logo has to be on each individual unit, packaging and any documentation and if possible, next to the manufacturer’s trademark.

The EAC conforming units are specially designed to work in environments down to -50 Degrees Celcius. These products have been manufactured to the most recent IEC standards for instrument current and voltage transformers, using the latest technology and a host of materials suited for low-temperature environments.

Paul Munro, Marketing Director for Instrument Transformers Limited said: "Always listening to customer feedback, there was a particular pain point experienced in the Eurasian market. Whilst ITL was not directly affected, we took the lead in assisting our customers to remove potential barriers to market by having a speciality product line developed to meet the newest TR CU requirements. Now completed, we are supporting a number of customers in this initiative, whilst actively rolling out an awareness program to our wider global customer base."

This is one of the many projects that Instrument Transformers Limited has undertaken to ensure that they timeously adapt to an ever-changing & challenging marketplace.

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