Agent Appointed – NIGERIA

ITL are happy to welcome Sunria Limited as a representative agent in Nigeria. Located in Ikeja (Lagos State) the companies goal to be a one-stop shop for the power industry resonates with ITL's own goals to be the "Go To Guys" for transformer related equipment.

With the markets desire to return to higher quality products due to poor experiences and the mindset thinking cheaper was better from lower-cost economies. Instrument Transformers Limited brings the necessary quality and is able to design, manufacture and supply cost-effective current transformers and voltage transformers for accurate measurement of power and protection of electrical plant.

Transformers often are hidden from view but are an essential element in our everyday lives. Without electricity in some form, economies cannot grow beyond local bartering on what you can hand make. Electricity gives us industrialisation, innovation and the world we live in. Why wouldn't you want to contribute to that?

Critical to ITL's success is a field support function. A dedicated Engineering & Sales Team members regularly engage and support our international agent network ensuring we understand the techno-commercial aspect of any project and enabling us to exceed an end users expectations, thus guaranteeing additional projects. In addition, regular sharing of market intelligence data allows between ITL & its country agent allows timely adaption of its marketing strategy or deploy extra resources to maximise local market opportunities.

Next time you need a CT or PT and are based in Nigeria, then speak to Sunria Limited on +234 809 984 9392 or email where they will be more than happy to assist you in your project.

If you would like to be considered as an independent sales agent for Instrument Transformers Limited send an email to to start the process.

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