Survey results 2015

ITL is a very customer oriented company. We always strive to align our goals with our clients’ own and to offer the best product and support. To be able to do exactly that, we need to know what our customers want, what they like, don’t like, and figure out how to further improve ourselves.

So we rolled out a customer survey in January.

Knowing that online surveys are vastly unpopular we did not expect a lot of participation. Imagine how surprised we were that in just three days after sending it out we used up all 100 responses which are allowed by SurveyMonkey (yep, we used the free version, mistake on our part). However, even the 100 responses gave us some insight and showed us where we should improve.

As for every manufacturer, the quality of our products is of a great importance for us. We asked our customers how our transformers do compared to our competition. The results you can see below are a credit to our talented team of designers, the experience and knowledge we have in the field, and the aim to provide the perfect product for every project. The results are quite a bit in our favour, however we do not want to lie on our laurels and we are still improving in any way we can, be it a new material, process, or service to complement our CTs and VTs.

Everyone who works or worked in our industry knows that, unfortunately, not everything always goes as smooth as planned. It is necessary to be able to react quickly and resolve any issues asap (yep, time is money). We added online chat to our websites which is another channel for our customers to get in touch with us. According to the survey, we usually provide great support and help (our intent is to change the word usually to always). And this is what we want to do. Obviously, priority is to avoid these situations completely, however, when something goes awry we must go out of our ways and do everything we can to make situation as easy as it can get.  The professional and quick help, the willingness to go the extra mile. Those are the factors that make our customers happy and encourage them to stay with us.

And lastly, we asked our customers to give us the constructive criticism. What is the one change that would improve our products the most? Well, the responses were fairly straight forward. Shorten your lead time! Over 50% of respondents asked us to deliver our products quicker. We got the message and already took measures to improve our processes. With help from SMAS (Scottish Advisory Manufacturing Service) we embraced Lean Manufacturing and aim to shorten our lead times by at least 1 week.

The survey was very enlightening for us and we would like to thank everyone who took part in it. It is important to us that our customers stay informed of our innovations and the easiest way is through social media, so if you want to stay in the loop, please follow (or like) us on one of our pages.