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ITL 30000/1A current transformer

30000/1A Current Transformer from ITL

When testing current transformers it is always best to inject the appropriate rated primary current to ensure that the product truly can meet service conditions. For lower ratio transformers, there is a trend by customers for traditional transformer testing to be replaced by a CT Analyser which injects voltage and using some fancy algorithms provides test data to show compliance. Whilst helpful on the reporting side and field validation, ITL have elected not to use a CT Analyser for primary testing. Opting to continue traditional testing methods for high ratio current transformers by direct current injection to prove compliance and incorporating hybrid reporting format from a CT analyser.

Led by ITL’s Technical Director Greig McFarlane, the company has invested heavily in upgrading its High Current Test Dept. which allows current transformers to be tested to 30,000 Amps with a secondary ratio of 1 Amp. In keeping with our philosophy of exceed customers expectations of giving exactly what the customer asks for, these secondary ratios can be customised should this be necessary.

With such high ratio transformers, many of ITL’s competitors have chosen to loop multiple cable turns through the primary to achieve high current accuracy resolution and while this may be an acceptable method of testing for other organisations, it is not for ITL. This procedure can have the effect of introducing localised saturation which can influence test results and not reflect true operational performance. Greig said “especially when providing accuracy results at very high levels you want to ensure that any downstream risk is minimised.”

“By using state of the art high accuracy test bridges ensures that we continue surpass our customers’ expectations for accurate, reliable and long service transformers.”

As always, we stand ready to meet our customers’ ever demanding needs for CT /VT measurement & protection solutions, with enthusiasm and look forward to helping you soon.

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