ITL to the Rescue!

As we mentioned many times before, sometimes it is necessary to choose great quality, reliable product and make the smart investment.

As it happens, one of our new customers has seen the error of his ways when dealing with inferior quality products. ITL has been approached to replace a set of current transformers for a Hydro Electric project that is experiencing continued problems with their existing current transformers (see image above).

Our highly skilled engineers used their knowledge and experience, reviewed the problem and have offered an ITL solution. Our robust multi-core resin encapsulated current transformer complete with IP65 terminal box suitable for outdoor use, mounted on 120x5mm resin coated copper bar will definitely do the trick for the customer.

The Hydro Electric project is crucial for infrastructure and we understood the solution has to be swift. So we added significantly compressed lead time to the equation. The ability to deliver great results in a swift manner shows why our customers value ITL’s bespoke engineering & Scottish innovation.