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ITL Test Certificate Example

We are always striving to make our customers’ life as easy as possible. ITL have always been known as the "go to CT/VT guys" but also for a great customer service. Fast responses, knowledge, quick orders, you name it (as in life we have stumbled in our past but more importantly we learn from our mistakes to prevent recurrance). However, our other great asset is efficiency. And that is where Test Reports Repository comes in.

Test Reports, or Test Certificates, are very important part of our products. It may seem they are just a supporting document but they clearly state that our CTs and VTs meet international requirements which is an invaluable information for a buyer and particularly for an engineer.

Traditionally, we supply paper copies or electronic copies of test reports. Sometimes we have buyers, engineers etc. e-mailing/ phoning us asking for duplicate test reports for a particular unit (I'm sure you can relate to this scenario). Emails are not always perfect and get lost, sent to junk or just plain deleted in error and don’t get to the intended recipient for what ever reason. We are sure you know it can get messy. So we created TRR. It is an easy way you can access your current transformer or voltage transformer test report by just logging in and doing quick search. 

It makes life easier for both us and our customer. And that is what ITL is about.

Below you can see a short video of how it works. Or you can have a quick test run here. (Username: C110011; Password: TestCertsTest)

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Keep a lookout for our developments.