Compact, light, and easy to carry around the site, the PD71's simple displays and very advanced features make it one of the best tools for periodic GIS UHF PD measurement.

The highly advanced timing system in the PD71 allows the location of the PD to be calculated within the GIS. The PD71 system can provide automated simple results, or advanced screens for experts showing the
pulse timing sequences between channels. Location is key in risk analysis, a similar sized defect can be safe in one location, while being extremely dangerous in another.

The unique PD Intensity measures the energy in the PD. The PD pulse waveshape can be optionally captured and stored. With advanced analysis developed by experts in the fields of GIS and PD signals, the combined result gives accurate warnings that minimize the operator's false alarms.

Analysis from the PDScrypt engine offers the latest methods to identify PD with a far more reliable analysis than the one-second snapshot commonly used in other products.


Number of PD channels per unit6
UHF PD frequency bandwidth300 MHz ... 1.5 GHz
UHF PD amplitude range-75 dBmV ... -5 dBmV
PD location accuracy<50 cm
Maximum PD pulses per second30,000
Communication interfacesFibre Ethernet, USB, RS-485
Operating temperature range-20°C to 70°C
Relative humidity range<95% non-condensing
Size, mm410 × 300 × 170
Weight8.0 kg

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