The PD74i wireless Partial Discharge Detector is based on an intelligent, accurate, and portable design concept. It provides various techniques for better PD recognition, such as HF, UHF, TEV, and Acoustic (contact/non-contact).

SmartPD is an Android application used to operate PD74i. Using a smartphone or tablet allows you to see real-time data of an inspecting object and save measurements for future analysis. Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband give flexibility in sharing data with colleges.

The recorded data can be played back at any time. Text, pictures, video, and other information can be attached to any data, which makes on-site tests paperless. Data and attachments can be shared via real-time communication software or email.

The desktop application makes it convenient to analyze data collected on-site. SmartPD allows to stream measuring data and related media to remote servers. Supervisors can assign tasks to the staff and collect data in real time from the command centre.

Bandwidth100 kHz ... 20 MHz300 MHZ ... 1.5 GHz3 ... 100MHz

AE: 20 ... 300kHz

AA : 40 +/- 1kHz

Amplitude range+5 ... +5 V-80 ... -5 dBm70 dB70 dB
Frequency syncWireless, Internal (20 ... 350 Hz)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, USB
Operating temperature-20 ... +45 °C
Operating humidity<95% non-condensing
Size, mm147 × 110 × 34
Weight498 g

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