Metering Instrument Transformers

A wide range of Current and Voltage Transformers for a number of metering applications!

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Voltage Transformers

Range of LV instrument type voltage transformers configured as single phase measurement or single phase protection.

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Busbar Fabrication

ITL supplies Novopress equipment for busbar manufacturing!

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Protection Instrument Transformers

A wide range of Current and Voltage Transformers for a number of protection applications!

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Split Core Transformers

Split Core Current Transformers are well suited for switchgear extentions or alterations on existing circuit.

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Our Current and Voltage Transformers are suitable for low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) or high voltage (HV) applications and are custom designed to meet all your needs. By designing in and applying Lean Techniques in everything we do we are able to supply our products in surprisingly short lead time.

For many decades working closely on industrial, marine, commercial and infrastructure projects with our global customer base, the upsurge in renewable energy sector brings new opportunities for ITL to exhibit our talented team's capabilities.

Often asked how to specify the various elements of an instrument transformer such as ratio, accuracy class, burden and environment, impartial service is a key activity.

With over 40 years of experience we have produced thousands of designs with many legacy products which can be found on our sister website.

Voltage and Current Transformers Application

Current & Voltage transformers are found in power generation, electricity transmission & distribution, railways, industrial equipment, vessel propulsion, wind & solar renewable applications.

In each application layer there are a number of sub-application levels for current transformers for example accurate measurement of power, protection of electrical plant, differential protection, restricted earth fault, isolated phase busduct, interposing & summation.

Ensuring you get the right product for the right application, ITL works extensively with our global customers' power transformer design engineers. As a result ITL's bushing current transformer suitable for PXF's up to 800kV, are designed for inside diameters around 1200mm and individual CT weights reaching 500Kg. It is not uncommon for our stacked unit weighing 1000Kg.