ITL Transformers Design

All our current transformer designs & voltage transformer designs are carried out using our bespoke software which integrates with our enquiries database & production management system. Ensuring that once a purchase order is received we can convert a quotation to an order and have a Bill of Materials (BOM) available to order within moments which allows us to offer reduced production lead times.

We know you need a reliable, durable transformer for a reasonable price. And you need it quickly, right?

CT Design

We have over 40 years of experience in current transformer design which gives us the confidence to say that we can provide the very best solution for our customers. With the desire to remove additional “Red Time” from our processes & procedures, in order to compress lead times and thus provide additional service enhancements, we have embarked on a revised lean techniques programme throughout our new facility.

Our custom range of CTs includes protection current transformers & measuring current transformers and the choice of ring-type CT, rectangular CT, square CT, and oval CT (also known as a stadium CT). It can be confusing, right? Luckily, our technical team are professionals and always willing to give you a helping hand to choose the right solution for your project.

Plastic Case CT - M78x model

VT/PT Design

We provide voltage transformers (sometimes referred to as potential transformers or PTs) in three different sizes and for both protection and measurement applications. Our designs are fully suitable for IEC 61869 as well as other international standards such as IEEE (USA) & AS (Australia).

The excellence of our designs comes from our own knowledge and experience in the field as well as from our cooperation with our international partners. We recently moved to new premises and started utilizing revised lean manufacturing system in our manufacture processes in order to offer our customers the shortest lead time possible and designs optimized to match the project specifications.

If you have any questions on how we can help you, please feel free to contact us through our contact form or on our phone number! Looking forward to hear from you!