Knowledge Bridge

ITL's values do not just relate to products and services, but also in education to the wider electrical engineering fraternity and interested parties.

In the knowledge bridge section you will find information relevant to the power industry and in particular instrument transformers and associated equipment. Publishing white papers & videos it is our goal to keep our students engaged with power engineering syllabus throughout the world.

If you cannot find the necessary knowledge bridge information, email where one of our team will review your request and revert back to you ASAP.

Always wondered about the terminology used? We have a section available to help explain.

It is our hope that our Q & A community will engage and contribute in drive to expand the interest in electrical engineering, especially power engineering in the UK and around the world.

Your question of why do we do this? In the words of Albert Einstein "A successful man or woman is one who receives a great deal from his fellow man, usually incomparably more than corresponds to his service to them. The value of a man, however, should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive."