Lean Manufacturing

Several years ago ITL recognised that the market was undergoing significant changes in terms reducing switchgear & panel board lead times. Most if not all of our competitors including ITL were routinely offering lead times of 5,6,7+ weeks for protection current transformers and measuring current transformers, whether it be an indoor transformer , outdoor transformer or severe environment transformer types.

As a customer focussed business it was clear to us that we had to reduce lead times in a constructive manner. Working closely with our key customers and Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) we embarked on a programme of Lean Manufacture.

Encompassing business processes such as design, procurement, administration and production, end to end, with techniques such as 5S, Red / Green analysis & visual manufacturing. We continue to improve our overall service to our customers with lead times routinely 2-3 weeks and at times of customer emergencies a matter of days.

Instrument Transformers Limited has embraced "Lean Principles" throughout our company and imparting actively imparts them within our supply chain. For the reduction and finally the eradication of waste in our product & processes. This will ultimately help promote a positive experience for our global customers and re-enforce our position as a leading solution provider.