Dynamic Line Rating

Real-time Strain, Vibration & Temperature Monitoring

Synthesis™ is our comprehensive instrumentation and analytics platform, designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of our distributed sensing technologies.

It allows the output from one or more systems to be conveniently visualised and analysed – including at the detailed waveform sample-by-sample level, or using long-term trends – leading to powerful new, cost-effective insights at scale.

VisAn provides several unique features:

  • Designed to operate with high-resolution waveform data from a large number of sensors. This provides the equivalent of having digital fault recorders and power quality analysers available at all monitored locations, but without the high cost of conventional instrumentation and communications equipment. There is high value in operators analysing this data, and Synthesis™ enables such waveform data to be fully visible and exploited.
  • The unique wide-area insights and combination of electrical and mechanical sensing opens up new forms of analysis and asset management techniques.
  • The intrinsic time synchronisation of all measurements greatly facilitates quickly understanding events and performing data analytics – without requiring complicated pre-processing.
  • Synthesis™ allows for additional valuable information, such as synchrophasors and harmonic content, to be efficiently calculated, visualised, and transmitted to other systems.
  • The web-based interface provides convenient secure access from multiple device types.
  • Provides a simple and convenient way to oversee system commissioning, debugging, and testing.

Enabling a new class of data analytics and asset management

Synthesis performs time-synchronised correlation across numerous sensor types (e.g. electrical, temperature, vibration, strain, and sag) to provide enhanced data-driven asset management.

Power quality and synchrophasor information all in one place

Synthesis™ provides a clear and concise overview of the key measurements from multiple hardware Interrogators. Synchrophasors, harmonic spectra (to the 100th harmonic), frequency, and power quantities are calculated automatically for voltage and current measurements. The measurements can be viewed geographically using the actual (or emulated) coordinates of the Interrogator and sensor locations. Other information relating to the Sampled Value Ethernet data streams is also presented.

Synthesis for system commissioning and testing

Synthesis monitors and validates Sampled Value data sent by Synaptec Interrogators (or other IEDs) to assist with system commissioning. This helps make common, and often tedious, tasks for utilities – such as data visualisation, system configuration, and troubleshooting – convenient and easy to use. This reduces training needs and cost, and results in simpler and quicker commissioning procedures for utilities adopting digital substation technologies. Ongoing maintenance and testing tasks exhibit improved workflows due to the ability to visualise multiple sensor systems within a single user interface.

Flexible deployment options

The Synthesis platform can be used in flexible ways – supporting both completely private internal usage and secure cloud deployment. Access is always securely encrypted and authenticated using HTTPS/TLS and, for commercial cloud deployments, can be served only to a whitelisted IP address range. Individual user log-in details can be specified and all access is logged.

Synthesis supports practically any plausible arrangement of sensors and Interrogators for customer needs. Our team has the ability to configure radically different forms of visualisation – which are significantly more advanced than what is typically offered by substation equipment – and refine these approaches based on customer needs.